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Article: Interview with the Weeb

Interview with the Weeb

Interview with the Weeb

Today we have the honor to introduce you to our special guest Tom. Tom is a weeb of the first hour and wants to tell us his exciting story of how anime and waifus changed his life. For dramaturgical purposes, some passages from the interview have been edited and spiced up a bit to avoid putting the reader to sleep. Please take these parts with humor and enjoy the unique interview about anime and waifus with Tom.

Andrew (Interviewer): Hey Tom! Thanks for taking the time to do this cool interview today. How's it going with you?

Tom (Guest): Hey Andrew! It's a pleasure to be interviewed by YourWaifu. After all, if anyone knows anything about waifus, it's you guys. I'm currently doing great, thanks for asking! How are you doing?

Andrew: Those are really nice words from you, Tom. Have many dear thanks for that. I'm feeling great as well. Let's start with the first question: When did you first get into anime?

Tom: That must have been over 20 years ago, when I was still in kindergarten and watching Dragon Ball, Digimon, Pokemon & Co. on TV. That was a very nice time. Every day, when my mom picked me up from kindergarten, she cooked me something delicious. My absolute favorite was her spaghetti! While I was eating, she would let me turn on the TV and watch all the adventures of my heroes.

Andrew: Yes, I can remember those days very well. It was always a special experience to watch anime on TV right after kindergarten or school during lunch. Why was it anime that caught your attention and not any other shows?

Tom: Well, of course I watched other shows back then. But they didn't appeal to me as much as anime did. The "normal" shows somehow didn't have that charm, they didn't awaken the need in me to join the show and its story. Moreover, they didn't arouse any great feelings either. With anime, it was different. When I watched the adventures of Son Goku, Ash, Tai & Co, I was sucked right into them. I just didn't want to watch yet another sitcom that was about funny scenarios from real life. After all, you've seen that sort of things yourself in school. I wanted to see fantastic adventures that would thrill me. And that's what anime accomplished. They showed me worlds and possibilities that were beyond my imagination. The experience just blew me away!

Andrew: Wow, I can really relate to what you mean by that. You are thrown into a different world that is colorful and inviting. Full of undiscovered adventures and new friends.

Tom: Yes, exactly! Even though you knew they were just fictional drawings, you still felt very drawn to some of the characters. Also, in anime, the emotions and feelings were portrayed better than in sitcoms. The laughter shared with friends, the tears shed during sad moments, and the blazing commitment during a fight were simply portrayed much more vividly.

Andrew: You're right about that! For me, it used to be Tai from Digimon who was my big role model. I wanted to be like him and dive into the Digiworld with my closest friends to fight evil and have fun moments. Who was your childhood hero?

Tom: For me, it was Son Goku. Actually, he still is today. His easy-going and kindhearted nature is something that resonated with me back then. He could get along with anyone and made a lot of great friends because of it. I also think his fighting spirit and strong heart are just awesome. He was the reason why I started going to the gym when I was 16. After all, I always wanted to look like him hahaha.

Andrew: That's good to hear. For some people, it's role models like Arnold Schwarzenegger that encourage you to work out, and for people like us, it's Saiyans like Son Goku and Vegeta that inspire us to do so. Let's move on to the transition from child to teenager. Did certain female characters stand out to you in a special way?

Tom: But of course! I remember how it was when I saw C18 for the first time. I fell right in love with her! Her flawless face, golden blonde hair and stunning figure blew me away. But most of all, I was captivated by her character. It was her determined and confident nature that made me feel like I saw something extraordinary in this person. Since that day I have developed the ability to see something like realness in fictional characters and to feel true empathy for them. It's like a gift I wouldn't trade for anything else.

Andrew: Wow, those are really powerful words! I've never thought about this topic so deeply before. It sounds really inspiring and I'm happy for you that you're experiencing such an evolution. Are there any other waifus besides C18 that have captured your heart?

Tom: Yes, of course! Shortly after, it was Nami, Robin and Vivi from One Piece that caught my attention. These women also exude a stunning beauty and confidence that makes a man like me go weak. They also show how important friendship and trust are to them. These are definitely values that are important in life. Furthermore, there's Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online. She just seems so balanced and loving in her entirety. Who wouldn't love her? Of course, there's Erza from Fairy Tail, who just blows you away. Her outward beauty and badass strength coupled with her emotional devotion and unwavering confidence just leave me speechless. She's definitely a woman you can learn a lot from!

Andrew: I guess you're right! Erza is definitely an incredible person. Is there a current waifu that has recently caught your eye?

Tom: Marin Kitagawa from My Dress-Up Darling. Her flamboyant, messy, and awkward nature is simply as sweet as sugar. She's adorable to the core.

Andrew: Yes, it's not you that has dear Marin wrapped around her finger, that's for sure. It was a pleasure to do this great interview with you, Tom. Thank you very much for that! Do you have any last words for our readers?

Tom: Thank you very much, Andrew! The pleasure is all mine. Finally, I'd like to say this to you guys out there: be proud of who you are! There is more than meets the eye. Having real empathy for a fictional character is nothing reprehensible or comical. It is rather the opposite. It is an emotional gift that only few people on this planet possess. This ability makes you and your inner life much more colorful. You can see and feel things that most people will never understand. Do not waste this gift. Rather start cultivating it! Be proud of yourself and the fact that you have a waifu. At that exact moment when you can feel your waifu, in whatever way, she becomes real.

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This interview was really moving. Thank you so much for publishing it! Back then C18 was my crush as well and I still admire and love her today <3

Alex G.

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