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Meet Arno and Jan, two enthusiastic computer nerds, die-hard weebs and also the founders of Your Waifu.

Arno and Jan - The founders of Your Waifu

Back in 2017 we were just two ordinary nerds who noticed a big problem in our everyday life: our modern society is way too strict when it comes to devotion and empathy for fictional characters. There are people who have more feelings for fictional characters than most people have for them. Since then our mission has begun: we want to show these people that there is nothing wrong with having such emotions and feelings. All the "rules" and "structures" that exist in this world do not always have to be "right", especially when it comes to your own feelings and sexuality. People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. And at the end of the day it is all about being in harmony with yourself. After all, it is not always about pleasure, but also about things that are meaningful. People can also find value, morals, purpose, beauty or love in fictional characters, and this ability is nothing to be ashamed of. We want to show our like-minded people that you can express your love for your waifu in public while being proud and confident about it.

Our Vision - Your Waifu

Our Vision

"Every weeb should be able to express themselves emotionally in the way they want."

Our Mission - Your Waifu

Our Mission

"Bring self acceptance and aesthetics to every weeb in the world."

Our Value Statement

Our Value Statement - Your Waifu