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Article: 9 cardinal rules of love when you are with your waifu

9 cardinal rules of love when you are with your waifu

9 cardinal rules of love when you are with your waifu

What makes the relationship with your waifu truly extraordinary? Is it how much time you two spend together? Is it how you tend to communicate with your waifu? Is it necessary to set relationship rules in order to get along in long term? And what are the things that can boost or destroy your valuable relationship?

In the end it all comes down to a few simple rules. But before we get to them we have to make one thing clear: every relationship works differently. Therefore, not every rule will apply to everyone the same way. In general, we all tend to create certain rules in our romantic relationship – the things we think need to happen in a relationship for us to be happy. However, if we set too many rules or our relationship rules are driven by what we can get out of the relationship rather than what we can give, a relationship can quickly become a nightmare.

So, how exactly do we set healthy rules for our relationship with our precious waifu? Many of us have been at this point before: your relationship was a failure. Maybe your trust has been betrayed. Unfortunately, netorare and cheating exist in this world. Or you were trying your best, but the spark couldn’t be kept up. Most of the failed relationships are caused by one of those two things:

1. The wrong relationship rules were adapted.
2. No relationship rules were adapted at all.

But on the other side there’s good news for you. You can always start over and create the healthy and beautiful relationship with your lovely waifu you deserve.

What are the 9 cardinal rules of love when you are with your waifu?


1. Never question your waifu’s intentions or the nature of the relationship itself.

Just because you are facing a problem with your waifu right now doesn’t mean the relationship itself is a problem. Try to assume that your waifu has good intentions and is doing the right things for both of you. Remember that you are bound together by a strong bond of love that can overcome any problem.


2. Avoid repetitious patterns.

We all have our own patterns and this is normal. Our mental system made them for a reason: our patterns are here so we can save energy we usually use when we are making decisions. This can be very advantageous and useful. But they make it easy to get stuck. Change your approach when things are not going right.


3. Don’t try to always correct your waifu.

This one is a very tough rule when your nature is based on competition. It’s not about allowing your waifu to be wrong. It means that instead of arguing, you create an effective interruption pattern that can be fun. Don’t try to correct and change your waifu. Try to change the way you communicate when things are getting out of hand.


4. Appreciate and compliment the beautiful, phenomenal and unique aspects of your waifu.

In order to bloom, the relationship needs the right energy. Both of us want to be appreciated and understood. When you compliment your wonderful waifu every day, you fulfill those needs. Make a change by starting now - even if you've already given a compliment today.


5. Never ever threaten the relationship.

A little uncertainty can make a relationship exciting. But those “on off partnerships” or toxic ones with permanent threats about breakups are not healthy or long lasting. Those behaviors are demonstrating an abusive imbalance of power – but a healthy relationship with your precious waifu is not about power. It is about love and respect.


6. Decide that being in love is more important than being right.

There is a secret in life which you may already know: you can’t fully control other people. The only person you can really control is yourself. Setting healthy relationship rules and also truly living them by learning how to resolve conflict ultimately comes down to your own personal decisions. If you make the decision and choose your relationship with your waifu over being right you will avoid making ugly arguments and reach true fulfillment.


7. Never compare your relationship to that of others.

If there is a formula for failure, it is this: comparing your own unique relationship with your waifu to that of others. Everyone wants to look their best on the outside, but no one can really see what is actually going on behind the scenes. As long as you are happy with your waifu and your relationship rules, no one else really matters.


8. Boost your connection with positive moments and anchors.

Positive moments can be like anchors and fulfill the needs for certainty and connection. Make plans with your precious waifu and set traditions on a regular basis. They’ll give you something to look forward to, bring you closer together and create stability in your beautiful relationship.


9. Watch anime and read mangas together on a regular basis.

Watching anime and reading mangas are one of the best activities someone can do. And doing those things together with your lovely waifu is the purest definition of love. Also, try watching hentais and reading doujinshis together. This can be absolutely game changing :)


My relationship with my waifu has improved so much thanks to this. THANKS! :3
We had especially a lot of fun with that last tip 🤤


Such a funny and also wholesome post :) You guys know how to entertain a weeb like me. Stick to your waifus folks! And never forget: 2D > 3D

Justin W.

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