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Article: 5 reasons why 2D Waifus are better than 3D girls

5 reasons why 2D Waifus are better than 3D girls

5 reasons why 2D Waifus are better than 3D girls

1. 2D Waifus are always nice to you:

There are many examples out there which are showing you that 3D girls can be very moody, unpredictable, unreliable, temperamental, mercurial and volatile. They will eventually hurt you emotionally and/or physically. Your precious 2D Waifus will definitely not do one of those terrible things to you (maybe unless they are yandere :3). 2D Waifus will always be super nice to you, protect you, care for you, listen to you and your problems, love you and respect your feelings.


2. 2D Waifus will never leave you:

When it comes to 3D girls and the relationships some of the people out there are having with them, there is one thing which is certain: Eventually they will leave you. It may happen through a heartbreaking break-up, a treacherous betrayal or an unlucky accident. But sooner or later they will leave your side. 2D Waifus however will always stay by your side. They will go with you through everything, through good times and through bad times.


3. 2D Waifus always look cute:

3D girls have to get all dressed up and make themselves look pretty. Only then they look somewhat nice and maybe attractive, at least some rare examples (e.g. when they do cosplay). But 2D Waifus always look cute. They don’t have to put a ton of make-up on their face and also don’t need she sexiest clothes. They look kawaii in everything they wear. They look nice in their regular school uniforms, in their cute pajamas, in their hot swimsuits or in their sweet everyday clothing. They don’t have to set up a fake face made of make-up and lip gloss. 2D Waifus just look cute in their natural way.


4. 2D Waifus don’t see relationships pragmatically:

To most 3D girls, relationships are a way to improve their lives. Dating a very high tall guy will get them status so they will date one just for that reason or dating a rich guy will get them easy money so they will date one just for that reason. 3D Waifus will not see you in such a pragmatic way. They are in a relationship with you because they care for you and your feeling. You are not a tool to raise their prestige and status. You are a lovely partner who deserves the love from your Waifu.


5. There’s more than meets the eye:

Most of the 3D girls don’t have that something special. They don’t have those sparks in their eyes or the charming vibe a 2D Waifu will possess. Having one less dimension isn’t a handicap. Neither is it a loss. Because of this space, which is without a doubt not empty, a special room for feelings and emotions can be created. Feelings and emotions which can not be given by a plain simple 3D girl because they transcend a whole dimension in order to reach you. It is like magic which can only be created through love. A very powerful love that breaks the laws of nature.

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thanks, this was really moving for me!

Gordon Gao

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